RISOL, means Right Solution to you.


Risol Tech Ltd is a security industry and a trusted provider of comprehensive fire system solutions around the world.

To ensure superior product quality,it has advanced manufacturing and inspection equipment and strong capabilities

 in quality control and process management.

Professional high knowledge in fire alarm detection system,which allowed our factory specialize in OEM/ODM products range of fire alarm systems include:

  1. Intelligent addressable fire alarm system.
  2. Conventional fire alarm system.
  3. Intelligent wireless fire alarm system.
  4. Alone stand detectors.
  5. Extinghuishant control system.

Risol Tech handles most processes of the manufacture, from design, to assembling, to QC, and package.

Our factory works with 4 SMD lines consist of the placement machines and reflow soldering, one wave soldering equipment. With capability of placing over 140,000 components per hours, the placement machines can offer the PCBA of 10,000 pcs detectors and 1,000 panel per day.We are especially proud of our fire testing room. It owns a number of testing equipment, such as UL-standard fire testing tunnel, EN- standard testing tunnel, temperature humidity test chamber, Long distance aging test board, Drop test machine,Key life test machine, etc.

This allows us to guarantee our products continue to meet the highest quality standards.

Our goal is, Providing the customer with Right Solution in fire alarm field.

EN standard smoke test tunnel