We are not only a manufacturer of fire detection and alarm system products, but also a solution providers in this field.


AFP900 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel includes AFP901 and AFP901A. AFP901 is single loop with 125 points panel, possible to be expanded the single loop with 250 points version AFP901A. They are suitable for small buildings like office, restaurant, store, shop, etc., provide simple installation, operation, and easy maintenance.

  • Wide range power supply,90-270VAC, 50-60Hz..
  • Capacity125addressable devices,Expanded to 250 addressable devices.
  • Compatible with Risolintelligent and digital products.
  • 8X16characters LCD screen.
  • Non-Volatile memory ensures the data does not loss even if power supply is accidentally removed.
  • Dimension: 400mm*315mm*90mm.
  • Weight:4.8kg(without batteries).
  • Material of case: Metal.

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